How to Use Science, Technology and Love to Skyrocket Your Business

Did you know that it takes 21 days to create a new habit and the BEST way is NOT to add another task to your already full plate? There is a secret in creating goals and establishing new habits that most people don’t know.

Every year more and more studies show the link between how you think and what you create. Studies showing how the brain fires and that it IS possible to rewire the brain. So much of what we do is at a subconscious level and if your brain is wired to repeat habits that are designed to hold you back, then you will find yourself doing the same thing over and over and over again.

The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. How can you expect to create something different with the same brain that created the problem in the first place?

In this Spotlight Session you will learn:
1. How the brain is wired and how you can rewire it for success.
2. The kinds of Technology out there to help you rewire your brain.
3. What does Love has to do with creating a successful business.



Profit Formula Master Class

➢ A Master Class where you will immediately be able to apply a formula that has been used in many businesses to increase revenue by 30% in 90 Days.

➢ Learn key strategies on how to build stronger client relations, increase customer loyalty and have your clients return to your business again and again.

➢ Receive a step-by-step sales blueprint that you can apply to any business to increase your Brand Awareness.

➢ We will expose the motivation behind your customers’ desire to purchase and HOW they make the decision where to buy.

➢ How to attract your ideal target audience (you know the one that loves to buy from you and shares with everyone how great your service or product is).

➢ Learn the different buyer types and how to create your marketing material so they understand what your Brand offers and what makes your business different than your competitors.

➢ We reveal how many times your Brand has to be exposed before people purchase and how you can effectively do that, saving you time and money.

➢ We will teach you how to reverse engineer your sales goals so that they are easily achieved.

➢ Learn why your advertising efforts are no longer working and what you can do about it, allowing you to spend your money wisely with more ROI.

➢ Discover the science behind goal setting, easing the frustration that some entrepreneurs have when they set goals.

➢ Create marketing materials that speak to your audience about who you are and what your business and Brand stand for, so you make it easy for your audience to have a relationship with your business and Brand that lasts.

➢ Learn why some Brands last a lifetime and others are here today and gone tomorrow.

What is the ONE thing I would love for you to know…. Some of you make decisions based on the value of something or how much money you will make or money you will save. For some of you what is most important is relationships, with yourself, others, your Brand, your business. Most of you will want to know how much time it will take, what can you expect to know at the end of our time together and how much time it will take before you see results. Last, but not least, what is most important to some of you is what EXACTLY are you getting and HOW will you apply it.

Whatever your buyer type is, I can assure you that I have thought of everything. I have used The Profit Formula in every one of the businesses that I have built (in the last 20 years I have built 10 of my own businesses using this formula) and this Master Class is geared towards any business owner who would like to create more revenue, have more time do what they want vs what they feel they have to, have a plan to follow and understand the WHY and HOW!


The Treasure Map to an Orgasmic Life

How to use Ancient Wisdom to Embody your truest desires in your business and Life.



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