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12 Months To Success in Profits and Personal Transformation

This coaching program is best for the entrepreneur who has a Storefront business or is in a High Level Influential Position at her career.


The Profit Formula Coaching Program

12 Steps to Create More Revenue with Less Effort.


1. The Profit Formula and Marketing Defined.
In this module we will create an overview of The Profit Formula. There are only 4 Ways to Increase Your Revenues.  In this first module we will discuss each step of the success blueprint and how it affects your business. At the end of the module you will have a clear understanding of the simple, yet powerful, steps business owners must take in order to increase their revenue.


2. 2 Simple Ways to Increase Your Sales;  Attract New Clients and Increase the LTV

In this module we will share the first 2 ways to increase your revenues. Although it isn’t rocket science what will be new is the psychology behind why you need to create different marketing campaigns for each part and portion of the Profit Formula. Your focus this module will be How do you create successful campaigns that will attract new clients and one that will keep your clients coming back?


3. Know Your Margins, Understand Your Sales Funnel
It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs are not aware of the margin in their business. Whether you are a solo preneur, like a coach or you have a storefront business your products AND services have fixed costs. Do you know what they are ? Do you know how much you ACTUALLY make per hour. Your sales funnel is ONE of the lifelines of your business. If you are not aware of one, or are not following your sales system then what you have is a hobby and not a business.


4. Simple Steps to Increase Your Average Sales / Average Invoice
Once you know your sales funnel you then can create a sales system for your business. With a clear understanding of what that is, you can then focus on increasing your average sale.  Your average invoice is one of the KPI (key performance indicators) that you need to know and track. This module will explain why.


5. Marketing Funnel

We will review the definition of marketing in this module as well as help you create your marketing funnel to attract more new clients AND keep the existing ones engaged. We believe that you will either have a lead generation problem (not enough people calling you) or you have a lead conversion problem (plenty of calls but not enough people saying yes!). We explore the lead generation problem here and help you create ways to attract all of the clients you need.


6. How To Create Advertising that Works
10 year ago we were told that someone needed to see your business at least 5 times before they made the decision to buy. Now, it’s over 15 touch points that are needed.   These touch points are created through creative and expressive ways; one of which is advertising.


7. Networking, 101, 201 and 301
We believe that Networking is in art and a science.  In this module we share with you some of the greatest tips to network like a pro. You will be happy to hear it’s not about throwing your business card at everyone you meet.


8. PR and Promos; online known as Content Marketing
Content Marketing is simply defined as creating content that you can share with your network. Off line we talk about PR and Promotions, in the online world what you do is create content to share.


9. Let’s get social, the downlow on your social media channels
Although Social Media appears to be ‘the bomb’, it isn’t always the best place to start. Here we will explore some great SM best practices, incredible resources, and where to go so that you can get from ‘here to there’ in sharing your message.


10. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, why it is no longer an option
Well, what can we say? The title says it all. Once considered an ‘option’; the world of digital marketing is here. As my father used to say, the train has left the station.  It’s time to jump on board.


11. How to ensure that you move from COE to CEO
Often the biggest challenge of all is to move from the Chief Officer of Everything to the CEO. If you are a woman and you are reading this, then this probably is  a HUGE challenge that you face. We understand that it’s not about letting go of control but rather about understanding what your foundation is, creating systems that are simple and leveragable.


12. Your ORG chart.
Have you considered how large of a company you want to build?  Are you currently the CEO, the VP of Marketing, the outside sales rep, Social media manager, chief cook and bottle washer?  It all starts with your Organizational chart – even if every position is you. Let’s examine why your ORG chart might save the day in the near future.

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I have always felt that part of my journey here on Earth is to connect with other women and share with them what I have learned.  I am not sure about you but my life has been full of pitfall moments along with moments of joy, love and laughter.  I find for myself that I have learned the greatest lessons in life through the most painful parts of my journey.

Every mountain I climbed, every painful step that I took, every moment that I faced a challenge has shaped me to the woman that I am today.  For that reason I am grateful.  Grateful for every experience I have had.

More About Ranchelle >>>

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